Merry Christmas in Chinese

Merry Christmas Chinese tattoo lovers!

Even though Christmas is not such an officially important festival in China, it has become increasingly popular to celebrate Christmas with friends and family members. People go out to eat, attend Christmas parties and exchange gifts. It is a great commercial opportunity for restaurants in China on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day whereas people tend to eat at home in the West. Moreover, Christmas is deemed to be romantic among young people and therefore they like to spend this day with their love ones and give each other presents.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

If you happen to be visiting China now or if you have Chinese speaking friends, you might be able to impress them by learning how to recognise or say ‘Merry Christmas’ in Chinese.

There is only one common way of saying ‘Merry Christmas’ in Chinese, regardless of whom you are addressing to.

In simplified Chinese, it is written as 圣诞快乐 (shèng  dàn  kuài  lè).  I have included a few tattoo designs below, in case you want to get it inked because of its special meaning for you.

Merry Christmas in simplified Chinese

Merry Christmas in simplified Chinese

In traditional Chinese, it is written as 聖誕快樂 (see below). Note, for most Chinese characters, the traditional writing has more strokes than the simplified writing; for some characters, the traditional and the simplified writing are the same.

Merry Christmas in traditional Chinese

Merry Christmas in traditional Chinese

Once again, Merry Christmas!

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