Amazing Facts You Should Know About Chinese Tattoo Designs

Chinese tattoo designs are quite popular nowadays among tattoo enthusiasts. Even celebrities go crazy over them, such as the famous English soccer player David Beckham, who has an eight character Chinese proverb (“Death and life have their determined appointment, riches and honors depend upon heaven”) tattooed on his ribs. Even in the movies you see mostly the bad guys are the ones with fierce looking Chinese characters inked on them, like ones of dragons, tigers and flames. There is an interesting history as to why, however, you do not see such things on ‘good’ guys.

Beckham Chinese Tattoo

Chinese Tattoos Were Offensive In Ancient China

Back in the old days, tattoos were considered to be an offensive thing in Chinese culture. Ci Qing or Wen Shen, is tattoo translated to Chinese, which literally means to ‘to puncture one’s body’. This practice was seen to contradict the teachings of Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher. Confucius rejected the idea of permanent modifications to the body, because he thought they were offensive to the parents who had given birth and ‘gave’ the body to the child.

Chinese tattoo designs were only seen on criminals, exiles and other ‘uncultured’ inhabitants. That is, however an interesting thing of the past. Chinese tattoo designs are now being widely accepted by everyone. Chinese tattoos are popular mostly because of their aesthetic quality. However, they are also considered to be extremely symbolic in plenty of different senses, and have the ability to ‘tell a story’ well. Most tattoo fans get theirs done based on stories or symbols of their lives, and world renowned tattoo artists vouch for the beauty and expressiveness of Chinese tattoo designs.

Popular Designs

There are plenty of popular Chinese tattoo designs such as the word “dragon”, which are considered compassionate creatures in Chinese culture. In the past, only the king would be allowed to use dragon symbols and pictures on his clothing.

Chinese Tattoo Example 3Other popular designs are based on symbols from the Chinese Zodiac, Chinese proverbs, wise words, Buddhist teachings or other phrases that hold personal meaning.

If you decide to have a tattoo based on a Chinese character design, be sure to get it from a reputable source, such as our “Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs” ebook. You should also go to experienced tattoo artists as it is an intricate art which takes skills to design and ink on your skin.

How To Select A Chinese Tattoo Design

If you are reading this article then you are probably looking for more information on how to select the right design. Chinese tattoos are a mysterious and beautiful form of self expression, especially when they include the Chinese writing symbols.

It is important that you select the right Chinese tattoo the first time. It is true that Chinese symbol designs are the type of design that is most likely to go wrong and even though you can get them removed this can be a costly and painful process.

You should get professional advice and make sure that you get a high quality and authentic design that you know you are going to happy with before you go under the needle.

When it comes to selecting a Chinese tattoo design you should avoid using designs in the catalogues of the tattoo shops. There are many tattoo studios that offer a range of pre designed Hanzi symbols which can be tattooed onto your body. Although these are quick and cheap you may end up with a design that means something completely to what you expected. Most tattoo artists won’t speak any Chinese themselves and won’t know if the design they are using is right or wrong.

Get Your Design From A Trustworthy Source

Therefore, instead of picking a design from the wall or from a folder you should rely on more trustworthy sources, such as our “Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs” ebook. Make sure that you know the words that you want to appear in your Chinese tattoo and make sure they have been professionally translated.

When it comes to selecting a Chinese tattoo design then it is very important that you get advice from a Chinese person. Chinese writing can be very complex so speaking to a Chinese person can be helpful with regard to making sure that you have the right symbols to match your intended meaning.

When you select a Chinese tattoo design then it will probably be with you for the rest of your life so it is important that you think of a Chinese tattoo design that expresses what you stand for and who you are. For example, timeless ideas such as love, freedom and hope are always ideal choices. You should avoid fashionable words as they can often fall out of fashion quickly. It is important that you select a Chinese tattoo design that you will be happy with in ten years time.

You must also make sure that you choose your artist carefully as it is important that a Chinese tattoo design is completed with a certain degree of flair and style. It is important to point out that Chinese calligraphy is very precise and the strokes have to be aligned properly and be of a certain shape, otherwise the meaning of the design can be lost.