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Dear Chinese tattoo lover,

Are you eager to get the hottest Chinese character tattoo designs?

Are you scared of ending up with a Chinese tattoo on you which means something completely different or extremely embarrassing?

My name is Jenny Lee, a native Chinese speaker. My latest ebook Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs contains 226 carefully selected words and phrases from 19 different topics:

  • Religion
  • The Five elements
  • Animals
  • Star Signs
  • Chinese Star Signs
  • Family And Love
  • Friendship, Unity and Harmony
  • Life
  • Strength
  • Words of Encouragement
  • Astronomy
  • Knowledge
  • Freedom, Bravery and Courage
  • Wisdom, Truth and Mystery
  • Miscellaneous
  • Art
  • Personal Attributes
  • Chinese Wise Words
  • Celebrity Tattoos
Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs ebook

This unique collection of Chinese tattoo designs has been carefully crafted. When an English word has more than one meaning in Chinese, alternative Chinese translations with explanation are also made available in the book.

Each design has the full pronunciation of the characters in pinyin transcription, so that you can easily pronounce it. Your friends will be impressed not only with how stunning your new tattoo looks, but also with your understanding of Chinese.

Each translated word or phrase comes with three to six different designs for you to choose from. Yes, there really are more than 1100 Chinese designs in total in the book!

My ebook Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs is:

  • Filled to the brim with over 1100 great-looking Chinese tattoo designs on over 300 pages.
  • An electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in an instant.
  • Written by a Chinese native speaker who is also perfectly fluent in English: accurate translations based on knowledge and careful research.

Save yourself hours of mouse-clicking disappointment, browsing random tattoo websites, only to find out later that the designs you have chosen are either incorrect or mean something completely different from what you thought.

Take a look inside!

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After placing your order through PayPal's secure payment system you will be redirected to a download page hosted by e-junkie where you can download your copy of the book immediately. You will also be sent a link to the download page to your e-mail address.

Do I need any software to view the e-book?

The only programme you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is generally installed on most computers already. If it's not installed on your computer, you can download it for free on Adobe's website.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course. If you change your mind for any reason within 30 days, just let me know through my contact page and I will return your money in full - no questions asked.

P.S.: Hot Chinese Tattoo Designs is the first of its kind and especially designed for YOU to find your own meaningful design.